Friday, 24 February 2017

Cornish Kestrel part 6

Everything is looking on target with the kestrel's breeding season, I saw Kevin leave as I arrived at their cove this morning and Kate returned with prey which she immediately consumed,

Within ten minutes she flew to her favoured dust bowl location only to find that last nights rain and this mornings sunshine had turned it into a mud cake,

She tried to raise some dust to help clear parasites and fleas but soon gave up, Better luck tomorrow maybe!

Returning to base for a good old fashioned preening of all feathers right down to her tail tips

Time for a little stretching and limbering up before:

Flying off for a little more hunting,

She soon returned with another vole which she made no attempt to eat but took straight to one of her favoured stash points, This is a positive sign that their territory is productive and should help stimulate a will to produce another brood

Kevin should very soon take over the role of supplying Kate with prey to prove his capability as provider when a brood arrives,  Prey hand-over makes an excellent interaction image and I look forward to this years experience,

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