Thursday, 9 February 2017

The east wind will blow,

The east wind will blow and we shall have 'Heron'  well that's the way it was at Marazion marsh today with no less than ten sighted around the central channel all at the same time, the image below shows nine of them and the tenth was just out of frame on a short willow perch,  I guess the main reason for this surprising assembly was to avoid the cutting easterly winds that blew at 90 degrees over the north to south channel, It was interesting to note that they were all at least a pecking distance apart,

Most other life along the marsh had taken cover else where but I did see 41 Curlew resting and feeding in the field behind Longrock Pool along with two  Roe Deer

It was only 3pm but I'd had enough of the biting cold wind and headed for home,    Part timer!!

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